Crime Reports

Why You Should Report A Crime

If you don’t report a crime, then:

  • There is no record of the crime having taken place
  • The statistics will reflect that you live in a (relatively) crime free zone
  • Manpower will be distributed to those areas where the stats reflect a large volumes of crimes taking place
  • Create a false sense of security

So by reporting a crime, no matter how small the offence, you will:

  • Help increase the personal safety of your neighbourhood
  • Give the police an opportunity to charge the person if/when caught
  • Allow you to submit an insurance claim for stolen property
  • Create a true reflection of crime in the area, and the TYPE of crime, thus ensuring sufficient resources are placed in the right places
  • A true reflection within the stats will help the public realise what type of society we live in.
  • helps identify crime patterns in specific areas
  • preventing small crimes now will help prevent escalation into bigger problems/crimes later